What’s in a Name? Naming Your Etsy Shop

The name of your Etsy shop is important. It gives potential customers a good idea of what your shop is about, and serves as a powerful branding tool.

The name of your Etsy shop can be harmful as well. Nobody wants to buy a baby romper from “SexiGrrrrl2000”, or any other item for that matter.

Good names are short and give a rough overview of what one might expect to find on the shop. It’s especially important to keep the name of your Etsy shop short if you intend to use Twitter, since “#SexiGrrrrl2000sVintageBoutique” takes up a lot more characters than “#yarrrrrn” (a pirate themed yarn shop perhaps?)

Good names are:

  • Short, simple and to the point
  • Descriptive
  • Catchy
  • Look professional
  • Easy to remember and hard to forget

Bad names are:

  • Long (JuliasPhotographyAndPhotographySupplies)
  • Provide inadequate or no description of the shop (JuliaOnEtsy)
  • Boring/Forgettable (JuliasCrochetPatternShop)
  • Unprofessional (SexiGrrrrl2000sVintageBoutique)

Now, you might be reading this and saying to yourself “my Etsy shop has a terrible name.” Well, you’re in luck. Changing the name of your Etsy shop is simple. You can instantly change your Etsy shop name:

  • Log on to Etsy
  • Go to “Your Shop” in the upper right hand corner
  • Click “Info and Appearance”
  • Click “Shop Name”
  • Enter in your new, great Etsy shop name!

If you need help coming up with an effective name for your Etsy shop, feel free to message me on Etsy, through my Etsy shop: yarnhole. Feel free to buy a crochet pattern or two while you’re there!



What’s in a Name? Naming Your Etsy Shop

In for Spring – Scallop Edge Halter Top

Hey everyone,

As usual I’ve been hard at work designing crochet and knit clothing for my Etsy shop, yarnhole. While you wait for my latest crochet design to drop, take a look at this crochet halter top I made earlier this year. This scallop edge halter top is ready to ship today!

This crochet halter top is obviously a great beach top or festival top. The yellow halter top is size small/medium, C-DD cup sizes. The waist on the crochet halter top is adjustable.

Should I make a crochet pattern for this crochet halter top? Let me know in the comments!


In for Spring – Scallop Edge Halter Top

Baby Romper Pattern

Hey everyone,

This week I was hard at work on my new knit baby romper pattern, featured for sale on my Etsy shop and for sale on Ravelry. This knit baby romper is perfect for a baby photoshoot, or for day to day use.

The completed knit baby romper is available, ready to ship, on Etsy as well! And of course, as always, you can find even more knit baby clothing and crochet baby clothing available on yarnhole.

What sort of knit pattern or crochet pattern should I make next? Let me know in the comments!


Baby Romper Pattern

Straight Puggin’ – The Cutest Amigurumi Doll You’ve Ever Seen!

So we all love pugs, right? Yes. Silly question? Of course.

I’ll come back to pugs in a second.

I’m always looking for cool Etsy shops, and innovative Etsy sellers. Today I found StitchedLoveKnots, run by the incredibly talented Nicole. She sells cute amigurumi dolls, crochet amigurumi patterns, and more.

Back to pugs. Specifically, pug amigurumi dolls. This pug doll may be the cutest amigurumi doll I’ve ever seen:

This cute amigurumi doll is available for only $20.00 on StitchedLoveKnots.

Unfortunately, there’s no crochet pattern up for this amigurumi doll yet, but we can hope and pray right?


Straight Puggin’ – The Cutest Amigurumi Doll You’ve Ever Seen!

Baby Pants with Suspenders

Here’s another crochet creation I made over the weekend, baby boy pants with suspenders. You can find the pattern here and a completed version for sale here.

These baby boy pants are sized for newborn up to 3 months. They are soft and easy to put on with the wooden buttons. They are crocheted from a very soft and warm material, which makes them great for both photo shoots and everyday wear. These baby pants with suspenders make a perfect baby shower gift.

These baby pants with suspenders are crocheted from a blend of alpaca and acrylic fibers. To clean these baby suspenders, hand wash them and lay flat to dry.


Be sure to check out this creation, and all my other creations at yarnhole on Etsy.


Baby Pants with Suspenders

Crochet baby shortalls pattern

Here’s another great item I designed this weekend. You can find both the crochet pattern and the finished baby shortalls available in my Etsy shop. These baby shortalls are designed to for 3m to 6m, but the pattern can be adjusted to any baby size easily. There’s a ready to ship set of baby shortalls in 3m to 6m, but of course I’m willing to custom make any size for you.


Get the pattern on my Etsy shop for only $3.

Crochet baby shortalls pattern

The only thing more fun than making clothing…

Is designing clothing. Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a number of projects, all crochet patterns, a few of which are now up on my Etsy shop..

My most popular design so far has been this lace bralette pattern phototutorial. This PDF includes multiple photographs, diagrams, and a text tutorial, all done to ensure you make the perfect lace bralette for yourself:


It’s available for on my shop, Yarnhole.

The only thing more fun than making clothing…