Getting the Right Views is what Matters on Etsy

I see a lot of talk on Etsy sellers forums about getting views. Your goal should not be to get views, but to get relevant views that will lead to sales. Getting relevant views on Etsy requires relevant keywords and tags. You get relevant keywords and tags by thinking like a buyer, and doing your research on EtsyRank.

A case study: Let’s say you’re trying to sell a green purse with a blue zipper from the 1950s on Etsy. You have 13 tags available. I often see many tags wasted on terms that would be absolutely irrelevant to the buyer. For the purse, bad tags would look a little like this:

  • blue zipper
  • 1950s, or ’50s
  • Vintage accessories
  • Green accessories

Good tags for the purse would look like this:

  • Green purse
  • Green handbag
  • Vintage purse
  • Emerald purse

See the difference?

Good Etsy SEO targets potential buyers of the item. Bad Etsy SEO may lead to clicks, but how many people searching for “blue zipper” are actually thinking of buying a purse? The majority of people searching “green purse” are in the market–you guessed it–a green purse. A click from a “green purse” searcher is therefore much, much more valuable than a click from the “blue zipper” person.

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Getting the Right Views is what Matters on Etsy

What’s in a Name? Naming Your Etsy Shop

The name of your Etsy shop is important. It gives potential customers a good idea of what your shop is about, and serves as a powerful branding tool.

The name of your Etsy shop can be harmful as well. Nobody wants to buy a baby romper from “SexiGrrrrl2000”, or any other item for that matter.

Good names are short and give a rough overview of what one might expect to find on the shop. It’s especially important to keep the name of your Etsy shop short if you intend to use Twitter, since “#SexiGrrrrl2000sVintageBoutique” takes up a lot more characters than “#yarrrrrn” (a pirate themed yarn shop perhaps?)

Good names are:

  • Short, simple and to the point
  • Descriptive
  • Catchy
  • Look professional
  • Easy to remember and hard to forget

Bad names are:

  • Long (JuliasPhotographyAndPhotographySupplies)
  • Provide inadequate or no description of the shop (JuliaOnEtsy)
  • Boring/Forgettable (JuliasCrochetPatternShop)
  • Unprofessional (SexiGrrrrl2000sVintageBoutique)

Now, you might be reading this and saying to yourself “my Etsy shop has a terrible name.” Well, you’re in luck. Changing the name of your Etsy shop is simple. You can instantly change your Etsy shop name:

  • Log on to Etsy
  • Go to “Your Shop” in the upper right hand corner
  • Click “Info and Appearance”
  • Click “Shop Name”
  • Enter in your new, great Etsy shop name!

If you need help coming up with an effective name for your Etsy shop, feel free to message me on Etsy, through my Etsy shop: yarnhole. Feel free to buy a crochet pattern or two while you’re there!



What’s in a Name? Naming Your Etsy Shop

Etsy SEO – How to Get Found on Etsy

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is key to getting found on Etsy. Unless you have a wildly popular Instagram or Twitter account, you will need to master Etsy SEO.

Fortunately, Etsy SEO is not that complicated! Here are a few steps you need to take get found on the Etsy search engine:

  1. Identify keywords that people who want to purchase your product may search for. I recommend that you use EtsyRank or Marmalead for Etsy keyword research. Identify 5-6 highly important keywords, and 6-8 lesser keywords. Importantly, these keywords should always be two or more words, and cannot be more than 20 characters.
  2. Take the 5-6 highly important keywords and place them in the title of your product. Make sure that the first five words (not keywords, just words) clearly identify what the item is.
  3. Take those keywords from the title, and, if you have separated them by commas, simply copy and paste them into the keyword section of the listing.
  4. Take the 6-8 lesser keywords, and enter them in manually into the keyword section.

Congratulations! You now know the basics of Etsy SEO. Remember, Etsy SEO is a trial and error process. Continually tweak your keywords until you find the right Etsy keywords that draw clicks and sales to your Etsy shop.

Feel free to check out my Etsy Shop to see good Etsy SEO in action. Feel free to send me a message on there if you need more help!

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Etsy SEO – How to Get Found on Etsy