Crochet Amigurumi Baby Blankets!

This week I did up three great amigurumi baby blanket patterns that I think you’ll all love. I’ve posted both the completed version and the crochet amigurumi pattern on my Etsy shop and the crochet patterns on my Ravelry.

There are three designs available: amigurumi baby bunny, amigurumi baby bear and amigurumi baby elephant. The entire set is available to purchase here.


I hope you enjoy making these amigurumi crochet blankets as much as I enjoyed designing them!

Crochet Amigurumi Baby Blankets!

Straight Puggin’ – The Cutest Amigurumi Doll You’ve Ever Seen!

So we all love pugs, right? Yes. Silly question? Of course.

I’ll come back to pugs in a second.

I’m always looking for cool Etsy shops, and innovative Etsy sellers. Today I found StitchedLoveKnots, run by the incredibly talented Nicole. She sells cute amigurumi dolls, crochet amigurumi patterns, and more.

Back to pugs. Specifically, pug amigurumi dolls. This pug doll may be the cutest amigurumi doll I’ve ever seen:

This cute amigurumi doll is available for only $20.00 on StitchedLoveKnots.

Unfortunately, there’s no crochet pattern up for this amigurumi doll yet, but we can hope and pray right?


Straight Puggin’ – The Cutest Amigurumi Doll You’ve Ever Seen!

Felted Stuffed Animals – Yes Please!

I stumbled across a really stunning Etsy shop today: FeltedFriends. This shop sells lots of cute handmade stuffed felted animals. My plan is to pick up a few of these for my daughter once she gets a little older.

By far my favourite animal posted is this cute stuffed humpback whale.:


If whales aren’t your thing, there’s other options, like our prehistoric friend, the stuffed stegosaurus.



Felted Stuffed Animals – Yes Please!