Have a Hoot with NiciLaskin

Owls are incredibly popular right now. One of my favourite shops on Etsy, NiciLaskin, run by, you guessed it, Nici Laskin, has a ton of great owl products, including owl stud earrings, and owl guitar picks.

Nici Laskin has built up a great reputation on Etsy over the last number of years. Believe it or not, she has almost 35,000 (yes, 35,000!) sales, and well over 5000 five star reviews.

Now, lest you think that NiciLaskin’s Etsy shop only has owl items on sale, take a look at some of the other fine jewelry for sale, including rings for sale, and necklaces for sale, and other accessories for sale:

I’m seeing a lot of items here that would make great gifts for mom this Mother’s Day!

Nici has a ton of items for sale, let me know which one is your favourite in the comments!


Have a Hoot with NiciLaskin

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